Dumbass Busted Job Sites

So I was applying for yet another job this morning. The site set off alarm bells pretty early on and they just got louder and louder until the stupid thing just stopped functioning.

One, they required the use of Internet Explorer. That's incredibly stupid and annoying. The world does not use one browser and building your site for just one tells me that you're lazy.

Two, the Home and About Us "links" weren't links, they were static text on the page.

Three, a total lack of contact information on the site.

Four, even when I did use IE (on my wife's computer as I refuse to keep that shit browser on my machine) the site still stopped working properly and there was no way to tell them or let them know.

So, yeah, Impact Resource Group. The "impact" you made on me is that you're a lame company who did just barely enough to get the site set up and, theoretically, running.