A Dreadfully Depressing Rumor

Over the weekend I was chatting with my neighbor and he mentioned a possibility that was like getting kicked in the balls.

There's a chance the asshole neighbors are moving back in.

Yes, the same dipshits who can't park in their own driveway and routinely block one of my cars in.

Yes, the same dipshits who demonstrate an appalling lack of regard for anyone but themselves.

Yes, the same dipshits who had an egg throwing fight in my driveway (egg whites, for those who don't know, etches itself into car paint and permanently damages it).

Yes, the same dipshits who were such thorough assholes to the daughter in the family that she moved out and sued her father for support.

Yes, the same dipshits that are all smiles and niceness to my face but complete and utter fucktards when you're not around (I know this because I've been in my garage with the door closed and overheard their gutter talk).

Yes, those dipshits. If the rumor proves true then I will be working extremely hard to get my family out of this house and well away from them. They are not people I have any interest in socializing with or sharing a driveway with or having absolutely anything to do with at all.

Please, please, please let this rumor turn out to be nothing but that. The reality would suck far too much to have to deal with.