Class Meets with Yankees' Brass Asses

Torre: Yanks' Contract Offer Was Insult

Gee, what a surprise, the Yankees consider this season a failure and blame it on Joe Torre instead of his pampered overpaid athletes. So they make a limp offer to him for a one year deal that everyone in the room knows is an insult.

And Torre refused to play ball and stood by his principles and turned his back on the organization. I wish I could say I feel sorry for whoever has to follow in his shoes as they will undoubtedly suffer the media scrutiny and the rabid fan base's win-now-or-else mentality.

I hope they have a fire sale too and let go of most of their studs. But I bet they go and sign more and more thinking that more money automatically equals a world championship. But baseball doesn't work that way. Otherwise the largest payroll would always win and the sport would wither and die.

More power to Torre and I'm actually glad he's gone from the Yankees and I can be free to admire him. Because I hate the Yankees organization and all that they stand for. They way the treated Joe Torre just confirms that deep seated hatred.

And their loss is another team's gain. I hope he gets on with another American League team and completely schools the Wankees everytime they meet.