Can't We All Just Get Along?

This was taken the other morning at a local park. The morning dew was heavily condensed on the green plastic slide and the sun was just starting to peek over the top of the slide which made for the dramatic and rather pretty picture here.

Looking at the picture, it gets me to thinking about harmony, about big and small and about how external forces are always acting on us all.

Water droplets get along no matter their size. Well, actually, the bigger drops gobble up the little drops and they become a part of the greater whole. That is, until they become so big that gravity takes hold of them, overpowers their grip on the incline of the slide and the whole kit and caboodle comes rushing down to the larger pool at the bottom.

And, eventually, the sun gets high enough to cook off that pool at the bottom which releases the water back into invisible droplets to waft into the breeze to start the cycle again.

We're all part of a greater whole, we're all controlled by forces outside of our control, we're all in this thing together and it is important to remember this basic fact of existence. No man (or woman) is an island unto themselves, just like no water droplet or combined hydrogen molecules with an oxygen molecule can exist alone for long. We all need one another.

I didn't really have a great big elaborate point to make aside from that. It would be nice if people realized it more often. Being good to others is being good to oneself.