'Bout Friggin' Time

You know the best part about paying for something? Aside from it working properly, I mean?

Being able to legitimately complain when they cheese the whole service up. Like, oh I don't know, my hosting service.

I couldn't post to IP this morning and then realized I couldn't get to the website at all, not even through a proxy server. Hard to tell if anyone else noticed.

Which meant that it wasn't on my end. So I go to my service company and try to find a status page to find out what's going on. They do not appear to have one so I head on over to the live support forum and sign up to chat with someone.

And he tells me that they are having trouble, my site will be back up in an hour. That was, oh, almost 12 hours ago. I bet they've had a long day over there at EHostPros tech support.

Anyway, we're back, for now. Which is good because I've got stuff to complain about! Not the weather though, wowee what a nice day it was here!