Big Week

I expect that this week will be a big one. I have an excellent interview lined up for tomorrow morning and a line on a couple of other positions that I would be equally excited and happy to get.

I refuse to jinx myself by saying anything more. But I'm doing my research, learning about the company and their competitive space.

The one thing that bums me out is that I'm fighting a bit of a cold that Grady had last week. My first in a very long time, its amazing how much healthier I got when I wasn't working in an office all the time. Especially my last office with its poor ventilation.

But I'm making sure to get my rest, drink my fluids and prep as best I can for tomorrow morning. If you want to, send some good interview vibes my way. And, on that note, I'm back to my study sheets and notes.

[Update: The interview went really well, I had a solid and friendly rapport with the woman I interviewed with. Which was really nice as she would be my direct supervisor. The company is far larger than I thought and has its hands in an amazing variety of sports related fields. She had a couple of other interviews scheduled this week but will be making her decision by the end of the week as she'll be gone next week for a well deserved vacation. Keep those fingers crossed, folks, this might be my ticket out of Unemploymentland!]