1 - 2 - 3 Awwwwww!

One of many, many precious moments from the puppy invasion the other day. Our neighbor's nephew brought over his four pit bull puppies to see if he could pawn a couple off on some of us.

We successfully resisted the urge to buy up one of these adorable little dogs but our neighbors were unable to resist and got not one but two of them. Which is fine by me, more dogs is more better and now we've got five dogs in three houses.

Plenty of really great shots from the afternoon playing with them. This one ranks as one of the best, for sure. And you can't even tell that Sully is a drooling machine these days (teething seems to do that).
Here are a couple more pics with some others to follow.
WhoaPit Pup in PickupClose Up Pit Pup