Writer's Dam

It isn't so much that I have nothing to write about these days. I have plenty of topics and news things that are on mind and would make adequate blog posts. So I don't have writer's block, I've got writer's dam. They probably come from the same roots but I keep starting posts, stopping, coming back to them later and then just adding them to my drafts. Where they will wither away until eventual deletion during a clean up.

I guess I don't really care to share the dreary frustration of hunting for a job. You've all done it, it blows donkey chunks, let's move on.

One thing I am rather looking forward to trying out today is my newly built bike camera mount. I've had the instructions and most of the parts for many months now, I was just missing the main mounting body. And there was an old bike lamp mount on Paula's bike. I took it, drilled it out, inserted the bolts and tightened up my washers and then tested it out. It should very, very cool on some of the descents. I just hope I don't eat it and destroy the camera, or that the mount doesn't disintegrate under bouncing stress and destroy the camera. But if it does, I really hope I've got the camera rolling at the time!

My other worry is that the camera will shake too much during the ride to produce any usable video, which is why helmet mounted systems are so nice. But we'll see what happens. At the very least it would make a great system for using on the cruiser while out on West Cliff.