Wal-Mart Gets Faced by Facebook

Facebook Users Hijack Wal-Mart's Roommate Style Page

Woops, guess they didn't really think that one all the way through either. Just like hiring a PR firm to make a "grassroots" blog about how great a company they are.

Until Wal-Mart stops treating the web like a bunch of fools, they'll continue to get pwned. Which is, of course, fine by me. I like seeing them look like the terribly uncool trying to come off as cool.

Nice to know that Facebook's got a vocal group happy to expose corporate megaliths for the discriminatory and exploitive juggernauts they are. There's no reason to shit all over the world, you can make a decent buck and be a conscientious corporation too. Yes, your margins may shrink in the short term but you'll make far, far more longterm.

And they'd shut me up, which would, also of course, be fine. I have no axe to grind with Wal-Mart, all they have to do is change how they operate their business from supply and manufacturing to employees and customers. Revamp it from the bottom up or top down and I'll be the first in line to applaud.