Three Arrests in PC World Editor's Murder

Suspects in killing of PC World editor could face death penalty

Rex Farrance was a tech editor and a gentleman I had some dealings with as a high tech publicist. Among a sea of brusque replies and curt rejections, he took the time to actually listen to me, hear what I was trying to offer him and gave it real thought. That he was interested and wanted to meet but we had a scheduling problem is irrelevant. Unlike the majority of editors I've spoken to and worked with, I didn't mind giving him a call.

He definitely did not deserve to die in such a cold and callous manner. He was not a drug dealer, he was a father allowing his medical marijuana prescription holding son to grow pot at his house. An activity that is legal under California law, both the possession and cultivation, regardless of your personal beliefs on the utility of marijuana for medicinal use.

And the three men who murdered him for weed and a safe full of guns now face the death penalty for the extenuating circumstances of the crimes they committed. These were bad people who targeted, invaded, assaulted, robbed and murdered a good and decent man. And all because his son happened to be talking about the garden without regard for who might overhear him and that's a pretty hefty cross to bear no matter what happens to the criminals.

I'm glad that it appears that justice will be served. I'd be gladder if justice didn't have to be served. But that isn't going to happen anytime soon.