A Popsicle at the DriveIn

You'd think he was enjoying some Spongebob on the big screen but he's actually gesturing at a passing plane. I like how Grady has tucked his feet up on the car and I just think he's pretty darned adorable.

I derive such an amazing amount of joy from my two boys. When we wrestle together, they laugh long and loud and I can't help but join them. I will miss all of the time I've been able to spend with them once I start working regularly again.

Which means that I try to maximize our fun while I am still off. Not sure what we'll do today but I bet it'll be fun either way. I'm currently trying to get a ride along bike for Grady so Sully can ride up front in the Wee Ride and we can all go bicycling together. That will be super awesome!