Labor Day Wrap

We had a nice little Labor Day weekend, the weather was gorgeous, we went to the Capitola Begonia Festival but couldn't see any of the floats because of the throngs of people and then went for a walk along West Cliff above the ocean.

Nothing spectacular but pleasant nonetheless.

The Begonia Festival was a waste of time though. The crowds were too thick, we had to park a half mile away and there was pretty much nothing for us to see or do. But we did stop by Hot Dog on a Stick and got a big cherry lemonade which made the trip worthwhile. That and the 'roided up muscle guy on the beach who was overpuffed and impossible to not stare at.

The walk on West Cliff yesterday was really nice though. It was sunny and warm but not too hot, there were plenty of people out and surfers in the water and nudists on the tiny clothing optional beach below 2222 West Cliff. Nothing shocking, just a few white butts and boobs hanging out. But it was fun to watch the tourists reaction.

"I think that man is naked."
"Oh no, he couldn't be."
"No, he is, look."
"Oh my, he IS naked. Oh, the water looks rather cold! Is there anyone else?"

I love this town.

Today is job application and cage rattling day. I'm applying at a few more places and making follow up calls to places I've already applied to make sure they know I'm still here and eager for an opportunity to kick ass for them.

And maybe I'll get a chance to do some bike repairs too.