The Juice Isn't Loose

O.J. Simpson accused in Las Vegas robbery over sports memorabilia

Boy, talk about living inside a bubble. How could this double murdering moron not know that his every move was going to be scrutinized and that committing (allegedly) a strong arm robbery wouldn't come back to bite him in his double murdering ass?

And then we find out that one of his own goons taped the incident and we might as well skip to the sentencing phase.

OJ now faces up to 30 years in prison for his actions and I'd imagine that a judge would be hard pressed to not bring the heaviest smackdown he could on him. Call it karmic backlash, call it justice, call it whatever you want but it appears that OJ is going to prison.

And that's fine by me and, very likely, the majority of this country that was outraged when he was found not guilty that bloody double murder of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman.