Increasing Our Mobility

I just got back from another successful Craigslist purchase. A guy posted an ad for an Adams Trail-a-Bike last night and I emailed him shortly after it went live. He replied this morning and I headed over to check it out.

I am aware of the recall on the Adams line but wasn't concerned about it so much since I could get it fixed easily if it needed it.

The best part now is that the entire family can go biking together. Sully in the Wee Ride, Grady on the Adams Trail-a-Bike, Paula on her mountain bike and me on mine. The fact that I got the Adams for a really good deal just makes me happier.

Now all we need is a better bike rack that lets us take the cruisers instead of the mountain bikes but that'll have to wait until I've got a job or something.

I can't wait to go out riding together as a family and I hope Grady really gets a kick out of being a more active rider. We stayed away from the carts because they are far too passive for me. I want my boys to get into biking as much as I am. Well, maybe not that much but some interest would be fine!