Dear Ex-Senator Larry Craig

Dear Ex-Senator Larry Craig,

Apparently you are the only person in the universe who is unaware of the fact that your political career ended when you pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct for trying to pick up an undercover police officer in that airport bathroom.

Your party does not want you, your constituents do not want you and the cop you tried to solicit did not and does not want you either.

But please continue to embarrass yourself and your party. And then, finally, reality will set in and you'll retire in abject humiliation to your ranch in Idaho.

You and politics were good friends but politics has left you at the bus station with a one way ticket to Go-away-ville. Get on the bus or don't and continue to be cannon fodder for comedians.

Note, the fact or unfact of your supposed "gayness" is NOT the issue. The issue is that you solicited a cop for sex in a public place and then plead guilty to doing so in the incredibly stupid hope that it would "just go away". Maybe you panicked, maybe you knew you'd been caught trying to get your hands on another man's cookie jar? Who knows? Who cares? You're done so maybe you should get the fork out.

The Universe at Large