Baby Habits

Sullivan has decided that there is absolutely nothing as fun as trying to shove things up his nose. He used to shove everything in his mouth but now he can get his shoving in without having to remove his pacifier. Peas are good, broken up tater tots are too, popcorn works as well. If it fits, its going in so we're constantly on the lookout

Plus he's teething again as some of those back teeth start breaking through. He's like a 26 pound Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, sweet as can be one instant and screaming and punching the next. Luckily he does like his pacifier and that'll help drop the volume from screaming to moaning, usually.

Just tonight he climbed up on to the kitchen table and looked straight into Paula's eyes and then into mine and then he smiled. And if he gets no reaction then he moves on to the next activity.

He also seems to be well ahead of where Grady was at the same age. Mostly because he's got his big brother to emulate and chase and get knocked down by and steal his toys and food and taggies.

The best is when they are able to play together without one screaming at or about the other. It involves two of something, I know that much.