You MUST Be Joking

I am very, very tired of the car clearance ads. Toyota's Mr. Opportunity can go die a pixelated death any time. [Update: I almost forgot about their misleadingly stupid "Lots on the Lot" event ads, raining keys? That's just a stupid idea and could kill someone and, further, devalues the cars if their keys are falling from the sky.] Lexus (of course, the luxury Toyota arm) wants to cordially invite me to buy a $40,000+ car. Chevy, the perennial copycat company, is trying to convince me that I've always wanted a Chevy.

The other day we got a "special offer" from a Honda dealer that was requesting us to trade in our 1998-2004 Honda so they can resell it. Oh, and while we're trading our non-existent Honda in, why not buy a new one?

Which presents a couple of problems. One, we don't have a Honda and have not owned a Honda since the early 90's. Two, a special offer to help out a car dealership with their need for used cars is a pretty thinly veiled sales pitch to take on another monthly payment that we don't need nor can we afford right now.

I want a Tivo that blanks out ads I don't want to see. And a Tivo that removes ads that I've already "satisfied", that is, I already own what they are trying to sell me.

And I will really look forward to the end of the clearance sell-off season and, hopefully, the shelving of the annoying Mr. O.