Yo! Trim That Ear Beard!

In the wake of the murder of a prominent local newsman and the resultant shutting down of the headquarters in Oakland, the news has been interviewing lots of people involved in the story.

When they spoke to one guy, I could not pay any attention to what he was saying because he had rather enormous tufts of hair sprouting from his ears. Like a goatee almost, just coming out of his ears.

It was disgusting but impossible to look away.

I don't get how you could see yourself in a mirror and not notice that you've got more hair coming out of your ears than is on top of your head. Or maybe he liked it that way? I don't know but it was pretty nasty to look at.

Just like people who have never heard of trimming wild nose hairs and they have a little upside forest coming from their nostrils. Nasty!