The Wrong Freaklight

Prosecutor: Salinas teacher morphed porn to include students' images

And, with that, you've had a little glimpse into the sad, sick, pedophilic world of John Hawthorne. In addition to molesting students in his classrooms, attempting to bully some to his home with threats and possessing tons of child pornography, this sick bugger cut and pasted digital images of some of his students on to pornographic images he already had.

And that, folks, is sickness of the brain. It doesn't excuse his actions by any stretch but can there by any argument that this guy was sick?

The problem with pedophilia (or, if you prefer the Euro spelling, paedophilia) is that it elicits such a strong emotional response that it is nearly impossible to step beyond the overt taboo to see the truly warped and sick mind behind it. Partly because people don't want to and partly because people are so furious with the sicko to begin with.

Just like I would be if either of my kids were in his class.

And note, I'm not condoning his actions in any way, shape or form. I firmly believe that pedophiles should be held accountable for their actions as this teacher will be. But it could also be argued that he has an illness of the mind and maybe if he'd sought treatment, he wouldn't have lowered himself to where he is now. That's neither here nor there though.

Sometimes I want to lock my doors to the outside world and never let my two boys out again. I know that won't happen but there are just too many freakin' nutters in the world these days and some of them aren't our president.