What a Beautiful, Sunny Day Up in the Mountains

I will admit that I wasn't super thrilled about the early rise and roll today to get out to the Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge 2007 put on by Santa Cruz County Cycling Club. The coffee helped, as did the 40 miles of twisty fun empty roads on my moto! And I got this shot and many more, I'm still working through the mass and should (or maybe might) end up with upwards of 180 keeper shots. Maybe. Maybe not.

First off, I cannot imagine a more beautiful place to grind out 66.4 or 100 miles (depending on which loop you choose to ride). Some of the vistas along 236 above Big Basin National Park are really and truly astonishing.

Second, there were hundreds and hundreds of places to choose from to photograph the riders. The one I chose with the boys the other day ended up not being satisfactory and I changed to another place. I changed from a descent to an ascent out of a corner with good sun and a good turnoff to get my motorcycle well off the road.

The next step, after culling the out of focus deleters and other unmentionable miscues, will be to upload all of the thumbnails to my Backprint.com store for reprint sales. But that will have to wait until tomorrow as I am bushed.

Oh yeah, by the way, my pro photography website is called CarpeVivo Photography. Stop by and take a look if you're looking for prints from today's race.