Vick is Done

NFL: Vick accepts U.S. plea offer in dogfighting case

And he should, if there is even a tiny bit of justice in the universe, never set foot on a professional football field as a player again.

Actually, he should never be allowed to walk the streets as a freeman again but I am not holding my breath since he's got alot of money.

The deeply disgusting nature of his crimes and just how graphic his involvement has, allegedly, been pretty much makes him scum. He could get fed into a chipper/shredder feet first and I might be inclined to think he got off easy.

I can't even think straight because of how disgusting and infuriated this story makes me.

I hope he goes to prison for a long time and suffers as much as all those dogs he forced to fight and die (and be killed) for his grotesque entertainment.

[Update: The Grammer Police stopped by and informed me in the most smart alecky way possible that I meant "infuriated" above and not "infuriatingly" as I'd originally written. I can't wait to catch Rhodes in a moment of grammatical weakness! The payback shall be swift and merciless! And I might just write a post full of grammatical mistakes just to cause him editorial pain. How ya like me now?]