Tent Within a Tent

Last week we bought a new and much larger tent to replace the one we had when there were only two of us. The new tent isn't one of those three room numbers but it is alot bigger than the one we had before.

I've been testing it out the last couple of nights by sleeping in it in the backyard. One thing I can say is that it never really gets quiet here. And my neighbors down the hill should go inside when they're been drinking and feel like shouting stuff.

Anyway, before we'd replaced the tent, we had the other one set up in the yard as well. And one day, Grady asked for a blanket and went and laid down on the air mattress in it and took a two and a half hour nap. I even put together the new tent not six feet from him and he barely stirred.

Well, the new tent is big enough to actually fit his cool little pop-up tent and his Thomas the Tank Engine inflatable bed and sleeping bag inside with a pretty good amount of space between it and the air mattress.

This morning he tested it out and seemed quite satisfied with his comfort level. Until I showed up and he thought it was more fun to jump around and wrestle with me on the air mattress. And he was right.

But I hope he takes a nap in his tent within a tent. If he does I'll snap some pics.