My Blogging Has Sucked Of Late

More than usual, my blogging has been lame to non-existent. I could trot out some lamer excuses but what's the point?

I need to go for a bike ride to clear my head, discharge some angst, burn off some of the spare tire and just to decompress. But that has to wait until later today.

For now, I'll just check on Sully and his bloody lip from an accidental altercation with Grady's knee earlier this morning. The good thing is that it doesn't seem to be keeping Sully up, he's snoozing quite peacefully right now.

Oh yeah, one nice big positive from yesterday. I got a chance to tear down, scrub and clean the aquarium, which really, really needed it. I've been battling horsehair algae for more than a year now, the stuff is nasty and pernicious.

And maybe I'll see if I can knock out some of the smaller wrap-up jobs around the house while it is semi-quiet.

I need something to look forward to and, for right now, it is a good, long and tiring bike ride.