Maybe Now is a Good Time to Wipe That Smug Look Off?

NFL suspends Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick indefinitely after he files plea

And the plea deal tries to misrepresent Vick as just part of the gang and not the ringleader and bankroll. Good on Roger Goddell for bringing the hammer down hard on this miscreant scumbag.

You know what would go a long, long way to starting to repair your public image, Michael? Actually looking like you realize how fucking wrong and guilty you are. The smug look you carry may just be a survival mechanism but it makes me and every other dog lover in the world want to strap you down and beat you with a lead pipe. But I'm not holding my breath since you continue to give the impression that you think all of this is ridiculous and people are up in arms over nothing. It isn't nothing. You are a cruel and reprehensible man who gets his jollies from watching dogs forced to fight each other to the death. That's sickening!

I hope the suspension is permanent. I hope you are barred from playing in the NFL for the rest of your life. Or maybe they let you back after you've gotten old and slow just to watch the young studs bury you again and again?

Nah, that would be cruel, not unlike you hanging "sub-standard" dogs. Or drowning them. Or fucking electrocuting them, you disgusting shitbag.

I hope the judge in your case gives you the maximum sentence of five years and I hope each state that can prosecute you, does to the fullest extent of the law. I hope you emerge from the other side of this disgusting case a contrite man with just a tiny bit of understanding how thoroughly disgusting a human being you really are.

Goodbye salary, goodbye Nike endorsements, goodbye lavish house in the boonies. Hello, six by eight cell.