Initial Reactions to the Vick "Apology" Statement


There was no contrition, there was nothing even resembling any emotion. He invoked God and that he found Jesus which scores points with the Bible crowd. He apologized to everyone a couple of times without appearing to feel sorry for anyone but himself.

His lawyer warmed up the room and warmed over the facts of the case by misrepresenting them, as lawyers are paid to do. He called it an incident and an event when this dog fighting ring was a pattern of cruelty and gambling and deeply reprehensible violence.

Vick said he would take full responsibility for his actions but entered a plea deal that protects his potential future in the NFL. You can't accept responsibility and then weasel out from under the most onerous charges against you, it just doesn't work that way. Make no mistake, Michael Vick helped kill sub-standard dogs, he bankrolled an illegal gambling operation and crossed statelines transporting dogs for fighting purposes. His plea deal conveniently omits all of those grisly details and that is, most definitely, NOT taking full responsibility for his actions.

He referred to his pending jail time and football suspension as "downtime" which indicates to me that he really doesn't think this is a big deal at all. Its just a longer off-season than usual.

I didn't see any remorse, I saw a prideful man forced to speak about his actions and he looked more like an ant under a magnifying glass, squirming and deeply uncomfortable. I hope that feeling of discomfort lasts for the rest of his life.

The one bit from his statement that I did appreciate was when he spoke about letting down all of the kids that may have looked up to him as a role model. And to use him as an example of poor judgment.

Overall, the statement was limp, fake and demonstrative of his lack of remorse rather than any realization of just how disgusting his actions and his person are to me and every other dog lover around the world.