Good on Barry

Bonds ties Aaron, belts 755th home run but the Giants still lost, again.

Anyway, I'm glad the record has been tied, I hope the Giants are able to concentrate on something else for a little while.

Also, I know there are a lot of people who believe that Bonds breaking the record and being excited about it equates to condoning the use of PEDs and cheating in general. While I respect that point of view, I also respectfully disagree that they are one and the same.

It was a baseball moment, regardless of the circumstances, it was a baseball moment and I wish I could have been there for it. The San Diego fans showed themselves to be baseball fans when they stood up and cheered as loudly as they could when he hit it. They felt what an occasion it was and they enjoyed it as baseball fans beyond being Padres fans (besides, they probably knew the Giants wouldn't beat them).

Call me a Barry apologist, call me a fake fan, call me whatever. It was pretty cool to see it happen, even if I had to rewind the Tivo to see it because I was outside at the exact time the home run was hit.