** Warning, pending sexually based post ahead. Veer off now if reading the word "sex" makes your heart rate jump in an unsafe manner. **

One would think that a site purported to be the home of the World Sex Records would be a decently fun site to read through.

I'm not sure if they made it dry and boring on purpose or if it just happened that way. Some pictures would be nice. Something to break up the monotony of large block chunks of text with juicy bits hidden between timelines and locations.

Take, for example, Most Pendelous Breasts by Race. Haha, perfect man fantasy fodder you're thinking? Try some of the copy.
Breasts come in all shapes and sizes and hues. We have already noted some massive specimens: there are other ways in which breasts can be excessively dimensioned. They can, for instance, be extremely long, dangling like strips of skin. This occurs in a number of African tribes and can be common in both young and old women. It is not unknown for women to toss their breasts over their shoulders to keep them out of the way while working.
Um, well that sounds practical.

And now, I have the song, "Do your ears hang low?" stuck in my brain.

Though, this page details the most penises chopped off post battle and presented to the King as trophies (hint, the number is north of 13,000).

Did you know that three or four men in a thousand are able to orgasm through concentrated thought alone? It is, apparently, the rarest form of orgasm. Blowing oneself is fairly common with three or four in a thousand capable and willing.

And don't read about the most drastic sex aids. Just don't. Those Bataks are some crazy mofo's though, damn!

I'll probably have nightmares now. Thanks, World Sex Records.