Confirmation of a Suspicion

You know, I've always had a distrust of Gmail and I've now had it validated in the course of trying to get Disk Warrior 4.0 delivered. They strip emails with zip attachments as a matter of course in the war against spam. Which is a problem if I'm expecting and need that freakin' zip file.

I am all for fighting spam but not at the expense of my legitimate email.

I've often thought that my Gmail sent emails aren't being delivered or are being tagged as spam and trash canned. I sent an email to my extended family a little while ago and didn't get a single response. Which tells me that my family doesn't like me very much or that the Gmail address doesn't get through.

So I guess I need to figure out a new email system because I can't have my mail getting blocked by a spam filter either coming or going. I appreciate the thought but the reality is that it makes my life alot more difficult and I don't need more difficult, I need easier, smoother and less hassles.

Oh yeah, the tech support guy at Alsoft (who was very helpful) let me know that I will likely not be able to recover all of my data on the dying/dead drive. Great! At this point, I want as much as I can get.

Has anyone else had problems with Gmail blocking or getting blocked?