Bracing for Insanity

We're watching a couple of kids for some friends today. This means we'll have four children in the house under the age of 5. Which means things will be insane. I expect chaos and shouting will reign supreme this day.

But perhaps I'll get a chance to snap some photos as well. So far it doesn't look like the fog is going anywhere.

[Update: Sully woke up a few minutes after posting this. He'd wriggled his way out of his diaper and was dancing around his crib happily flapping around. Hard to not laugh.]

[Second Update: There are now four children in the living room pounding on drums, shaking shakers and doing as much as they can to make some noise. No meltdowns thus far and the Jellybean Jumper is a total success. So is the rubber horseshoe set for that matter (which is oddly no longer carried by Back to Basics Toys).]

[The Wrap Up: And now its almost time for the debrief.
Both extra kids have gone home. One of mine is crying himself down in his crib, the other is reading stories with mom and nearing unconsciousness.

The day was pretty ridiculously long and I've gotten more than my quote of whining in for the rest of the year. But it wasn't too awful overall. We had a good walk, we played at a park nearby, we played in the back yard, in the jumper and I put up the tent again. It was a good time but it looks like a herd of elephants ran through the living room, the devastation is pretty severe.

But we'll pick up tomorrow, its time for some rest now.]