Blind Blogging

So it has been made apparent that I am one of the only ones who cannot actually get to my blog. Thanks for the comments, by the way.

Which means, I can post to my blog but I can't go and read it. And, since the Grammar Police stopped by, I have to be extra careful about spelling stuff wrong or using the incorrect tense (or is that tents?).

I expect that whatever snafu is keeping from gazing upon the glory that is my blog will sort itself out and all will return back to what passes for normal. But it is annoying and makes me want to go punch someone.

My information recovery efforts continue though and that is making things a little better. I imported the first six months of photos from 2007 last night and then uploaded whatever archived images were on my camera memory cards. I still lost a lot of photos that I would just as soon not have lost but I've gotten the vast majority of it back.

Now the fun is trying to get preferences back to where I had them, FireFox extensions back, screensavers and the like.

And I have nothing but fear that my replacement hard drive in the lap top is going to start sputtering and die on me as well. If I were to take a vote, I'd definitely give a no-confidence vote for the laptop.

On the plus side, since my old hard drive is a skinny brick now, I'm going to take it out of the external enclosure, go into the back yard and smash it to bits. That might make me feel a little better even if the finality of destroying it means all of that data is well and truly gone forever. As long as it sits on my desk, I can hold out hope that it will spontaneously repair itself and function properly again.

But I am still not holding my breath.