Battlefield Update from the War on Sanity

You wouldn't think that two sweet and wonderful little boys could be as exhausting and exasperating as they really are. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore my boys, they are the lights and center of my life.

But early wakeups, screeching (Sully can't speak but boy o boy can he screech), whining, teasing, punching, biting and running away when its time to change nasty crap filled diapers takes its toll on even the most even-keeled parent. And I'm not even close to the most even-keeled parent.

Not that I don't try. I try incredibly hard to stay as patient as possible. But it is tough when you're sleep deprived and dealing with a toddler who can shatter glass with his piercing screeches.

My defense has been to get out and go for a long pedal, long enough to forget about the noise and cacophony awaiting my return to the house. I know that it won't last forever and that I'll look back on this time with nostalgia because my brain will gloss over the frustrating stuff and replace it with glowing memories. And, really, most of my time with my kids is a joy, it really is. But there comes those times when I need a break and there's just no break coming for a while.

And that's when I can feel my slippery grip on sanity easing its way out of my grasp and down the rabbit hole.