Apple Drops the Ball and Lets It Roll Away

Readers of this blog are already well aware of the nightmare I lived last week when my hard drive in my laptop died a quick and painful death.

During the process of recovering as much of my life from that hard drive, I had to recover my professional website by downloading the entire thing from my host provider. And I figured that was the hard part.

However, iWeb, the app it was designed and built in, does not contain an Open function or an Import function and I cannot figure out how to get the program to recognize the site it already made.

I'm upgrading the software now and will see if that makes a difference but I can't help but feel that Apple has really missed the mark here. Not only with trying to force users to subscribe to .Mac but also by making it incredibly annoying to try and recover a site after a crash or disk failure.

And I am still in the process of pulling together as much of a previous digital universe as I can. It takes a damned long time.

But it won't next time since I've implemented auto-back ups with iBackup.