#80 Put Down the Crackpipe Before Naming Your Baby

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a baby, 4Real!

A Kiwi couple (that's New Zealand for you non-geographical lingoists) decided that they wanted to name their child 4Real because that's the emotion that hit them when they saw their baby on the ultrasound monitor, that he was For Real.

A Kiwi judge ruled that you can't name a kid with a number. So they named him Superman and are going to call him 4Real.

And I keep thinking about that great scene in Parenthood or one of those coming-of-age movies with Keanu Reeves where he monologues about needing a license to drive but they'll let any stupid bastard become a parent.

Rule #80 is Put Down the Crackpipe Before Naming Your Baby

Woops, this was supposed to get posted to What Not To Do.