Your D'Oh for the Day

Lindsay Lohan arrested on suspicion of drunken driving in Calif. just a couple of weeks after turning herself in to face other charges for DUI and hit-and-run from Memorial Day weekend.

Its strange that I have some sympathy for Lindsay Lohan and none at all for a twit like Paris Hilton. I think the reason for that could be found in the underlying reasons for their troubles.

Paris just seems like a self absorbed idiot who breaks the law because she's too rich to give a damn.

Lindsay strikes me as someone who actually has some real problems, alcoholism, drug addiction, any number of other things. And I've known many people who have been on that same road.

While Paris is a vain gnat, Lindsay is a more tragic character stumbling and flailing through life. The fact that she's quite cute makes her all the more compelling. Anyway, it probably isn't much fun to be her right now and the hangover isn't helping either.