Welcome to Hell Week (Again)

This is one of the hardest weeks of the entire year to own a dog and live where I live, one of the few places in the county that fireworks are legal to own and light on private property but not the ones that explode or shoot into the air, those are illegal for private use everywhere. This is the week that fireworks are shot off with increasing frequency until the climax on Wednesday when the 4th goes off.

And Nande spends all night, every night this week freaking out. Panting heavily, hiding in the bathtub and generally just being really, really unhappy. But she's gotten better in controlling her insane barking and now she just pants and waits for daylight.

I feel awful for her and have grown to really hate the damned fireworks even if there's still a part of me that loves them.

The pain in the ass part is that the explosions will continue well into next weekend.