Real and Virtual Uncluttering

The process of reducing overhead, clutter and distractions continues. We came back from Mexico with a vision of a reduced clutter life and it is hard to keep an eye on that vision through all of the crap that is around us, both online and off.

I've made great strides in reducing the distractions on my desk and in my office space but there's still the rest of the house to be dealt with to some degree or another.

My online clutter is no less distracting and I've been working hard to cut through it. A big step for me is to eliminate extraneous contacts on Flickr. I had well over three hundred contacts, some of whom hadn't uploaded a photo in nearly two years. They are no longer contacts. Now I'm further winnowing through my list and removing people I've not ever looked at their photos or can't even remember why they became contacts in the first place.

Next up will to be cut through the clutter that are the nearly 400 groups I belong to. Many of which are defunct and just taking up space both in my Flickr profile and space in my mind.

Because I have learned that clutter never goes away on its own and clutter exists in your head as much as in your reality. If you know you've got a messy desk, you're less inclined and able to sit down and focus. There are too many things to pull your eyes and attention away. Or you're frustrated by the clutter and just want to sweep it all into the trash or a drawer.

And, actually, sweeping it into a drawer is a semi-viable way of clearing it. Just having your decks cleared can allow your brain to concentrate and be more productive. And productive is what I really need to be these days.

Take a look around your world and see if there aren't things that you no longer need or want to have around. You'll be amazed at how much clearer your thinking can be without all the accoutrements and knick-knacks and whatevers hanging all over. There is something to be said for minimalism and I'm pretty sure its something good.