Two Thumbs Up for the Alameda County Fair

We joined my wife's brother and his family and my mother-in-law last night to go to the Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton, California.

We were smart and opted to wait until the sun had gone down as this area was hitting triple digits with the heat during the day. And it was still warm after dark but a nice warm, not a sweltering heat.

Having been to county fairs before, I wasn't really expecting all that much but I was more than pleasantly surprised. It was huge, reasonably priced and had lots and lots of rides for the kids to have fun on. And a bunch of those rides allowed a parent to ride with the kid. There were also almost no lines for any of the kid rides, that made things alot more fun as we could ride, go to the next one, ride, and then go to the next one without having to wait around at all.

We started Grady and Aiden, his cousin, off easy with some of the tamer rides before we started to go to the mini-roller coasters and the spinning flying thingie.

We enjoyed some frozen margaritas (which weren't reasonably priced) that really hit the spot perfectly. And the bigger boys had loads of fun while Sully watched and wanted to play alot but was a bit too small for the rides. His cousin, Sierra, went on a couple of rides before deciding that she'd just as soon watch too.

Time flew by and we ended up staying until nearly 10:30. And it was just about midnight before everyone got into bed. I'll upload some photos after we get back home later today (and out of this mad, mad, mad heat!).

I also stopped by a place in San Jose on the way up and bought a new lens for my camera from someone on Craigslist. Its an excellent Tamron telephoto, not auto-focus and not light at all but its optics are superb and I'm really looking forward to getting to know how it works better and making it work for me. Of course, I still want the $1600 image stabilized uber-lens but this Tamron will serve me beautifully until we can justify that cost.

The only bummer is that Sully and I have a pretty gnarly case of pink eye right now. My left eye was cemented shut this morning. So we'll be hitting Doc in a Box later today for some meds to clear it up.