Should We Evacuate?

You know the squawky emergency broadcast signal test that gets run every so often on the television? We've got one that says its the weekly test of the emergency broadcast system. The only thing is that I've heard or seen the test for the last three nights in a row. How is it a weekly test if its being tested every night?

Should I take this as a sign of impending emergency, grab my kids, my laptop and my car keys and run for the hills? And my camera, of course!

On a slightly more serious side, this should serve as a reminder to put together some emergency gear. Bags that are packed and ready to go if something does happen. We've got one but I'm sure it needs an update, upgrade and bigger diapers and clothes for the boys.

And I should get my laptop hard drive backed up better than it is right now.

This ought to be a busy week, we're watching kids a couple of days, working a couple of days and I'm going to go scout places to shoot photos next Saturday of a bike race through the Santa Cruz mountains. More on that later though.