It is with a mixture of amusement and irritation that I've been listening to fireworks being shot off all day here. Dusk is just starting to settle in and it'll be dark before long and that's when the real fireworks will get going.

But there have been rockets and mortars and Piccolo Petes being shot off all day long. I don't know about you but a mortar exploding in the daytime sky is about as enticing as wilted lettuce.

But I understand. There are hundreds of people all over my town sitting on huge piles of explosives, just waiting for dark, just aching to get the show on the road, as it were. And many have been drinking since early this afternoon. It is understandable that some will pre-fire their mortars a bit.

In fact, I think that's kind of a funny metaphor for their character without any possibility of verifying it. Impatience combined with mas cervezas equals early mortar ejaculation.

I just wish Nande wasn't quite so manic about the whole thing. She makes it a bit harder to enjoy the display even though there's nothing to see, just alot to hear right now.

But soon enough, darkness will fall and I'll perch myself on the neighbor's deck with my XTi to see what kind of goodness I can capture. The best, as always, will be shared here.