Owning a Dog and Being a Dog Owner are Two Very Different Things

Among all the other craziness that is the 4th of July in Watsonville, there was an unexpected and rather sad event. The neighbors who moved in to Ike the Asshole's house own a couple of dogs. Note, they aren't dog owners, they own a couple of dogs.

I'd already been aggravated by how little care they give these two dogs, one, an aging German Shepherd and the other a young Rottie.

These two dogs spend all day and all night everyday in a caged pen in the backyard. They do not get walks, they do not get socialized with other animals or people and they bark all day and all night at anything and everything that comes near the house.

They are for nothing but protection and that makes me sad since they seem like pretty nice dogs, if a touch noisy.

The neighbors are also in the process of moving out because the owner of the house is trying to sell the place out from under them. I understand they've got other stuff on their minds but that doesn't excuse them leaving the dogs outside under last night's long, loud and flashy fireworks display. And the owners weren't even home to try to care for their dogs. The old Shepherd got so badly freaked out that he broke out of the pen, dug a hole under the fence (in rock hard dirt, mind you) and then tried to get into our house.

While I felt awful for the old boy, I'd never met him, had no idea what he would be like in my house and had to keep him outside even though he was seriously not having a good night.

It just upsets me that these people show so little care for their animals that they pen them up all day and then abandon them during what I consider one of the most difficult nights of the year to be a dog in this town. I have some pretty serious disdain for them at this point.

It is one thing to own a dog and it is another thing entirely to be a dog owner. Nande is a member of our family and is treated as such. Their dogs are nothing more than four legged alarms for them and that just pisses me off to no end.

Also, I almost forgot. Earlier in the evening, just after dark, a guy in his car drove past the neighbors who'd been lighting off fireworks for a little bit. He circled back just after they'd lit three fountains and, in an angry jerky moment, drove over the fireworks, breaking them apart and presenting a pretty dangerous instant for everyone. I was kind of shocked that he was such an absolute prick and pretty much everyone hoped his car would catch fire. But no luck and he drove away and left a bunch of annoyed people in his wake.

[Update: I spoke with the neighbor this morning and got a bit more of the backstory to what's going on. The two big dogs are actually his kid's dogs that they no longer wanted or couldn't keep. And, since they are moving to a smaller place, the big dogs can't go with them so they are looking for new homes for them both. Pretty sad really. And I guess it is unfair to label my neighbors as the non-dog people, its more the kids that got dogs they couldn't care for and then foisted them off on their parents, which is lame.]