My First and Last Thoughts on the Beckham Invasion

Will the arrival of David Beckham onto the American soccer scene make the game more appealing to me? Nope. Soccer's nice and all but I just cannot get interested in watching it. I don't mind a highlight reel or some news coverage though.

Will the arrival of Victoria Beckham onto the American celebrity scene make the world more appealing to me? Nope. No wait, that's not entirely true. I can say with some positivity that she is NOT Paris Hilton and that's definitely something in her favor. From all accounts, her reality show about moving to America is completely unwatchable. The Gallery of the Absurd captures her quite well (and don't forget to look at the critters at the bottom of the picture).

They sure are pretty people and they've got loads and loads of money so I'm sure they'll do just fine.