Look Up Stupid in the Dictionary and You Should Find Michael Vick

Stupid, dumb, cruel, mean and ugly. Pretty much any of those terms can be applied to soon-to-be ex-NFL quarterback, Michael Vick.

Falcons' Vick Charged With Dogfighting (warning, the story details some of the truly gruesome ways Vick as his co-defendants dealt with wounded and no longer valuable dogs, it will sicken you).

Kiss that NFL contract goodbye. Kiss freedom goodbye. And expect nothing but wishes for a deeply uncomfortable stay in prison from football fans like myself. I also happen to be a dog fan as well and the fact that you allowed, encouraged and profited from allowing dog fighting to take place on your property reduces you to the lowest form of scum known.

I can't even begin to convey how deep my disgust is for people that enable dog fighting, by watching it, by allowing it to happen, by betting on it. Same thing for cock fighting, its disgusting to me and I would throw all the scumbags who make it happen in prison permanently, if it were up to me.

Dogs are for petting, dogs are for running on the beach with, dogs are for playing. Dogs are not for fighting, dogs do not exist just so a sub-human group of fucking sick bastards can get their rocks off. I have nothing but the deepest contempt for Michael Vick and his cohorts and hope that they get the absolute maximum punishment for their crimes (presuming that they are, in fact, guilty).