I Loves Tick Season

Apparently every season is tick season here. I caught three ticks trying to find a good place to settle in and drink my hound's blood. And then I found three more that had already found a nice place to feed. Two had already begun to feed and were swelling up, they squished rather satisfyingly. And the last was a wee tick buried in her thick neck fur, it didn't want to let go and I, as always, had to be careful not to squish its body to inject whatever nasty toxins were inside it into my dog.

But it came off and got squished like the others.

And now, of course, I have phantom tick-itis, where it feels like there are ticks crawling on your skin all the time. In fact, I just went and checked my back in the mirror just to make sure.

I hate ticks, hate, hate, hate them.