How Does My Son Eat a Graham Cracker?

I know its been a burning question for weeks and even months now. Just how does Grady eat a graham cracker?

He gnaws and scraps a hole in the middle of it. I don't know why but that's how he does it. Until the cracker breaks and then he'll go to town on it Cookie Monster style, including the avalanche of crumbs in his lap.

He has some fairly elaborate rules on the consumption of broken pieces of graham cracker too. As well as where he must play with his cars on the couch (i.e. right where his momma or poppa are sitting).

And Sully has learned, at the ripe old age of 14 months, how to eat with a fork.

[Update: Upon rereading this post I can see how easy it would be to think that I was talking about Sully in the first part of the post. I've amended it to be more easily understood. The graham cracker part was about Grady, the eating with a fork part is about the Sullivator.]