Crying Over Picked Up Bounce Houses

Sure, the sugar rollercoaster didn't help that crash but it is a sign of a pretty good party when the guest of honor weeps for his picked up and gone bounce house.

I can highly recommend the bounce houses that have the obstacle course in them, much more fun than the simple bouncy floor deal. Not that the bouncy floor ones aren't fun, they are. But its more to have stuff to bounce onto, into and over and through. Plus it makes for some great photo opps.

Lots of noisy toys (remind me to post my manifesto to toy manufacturers), way too much candy, two little girls that really enjoyed leading Nande around on a leash, and a few meltdowns here and there but it was fun, more fun than years past because of more complete preparations.

And today is the start of the return to normalcy. Hopefully I'll get a chance to complete my website and post some more ads. My business cards have been ordered, I ordered cards from Moo.com because they let me use as many photos as I wanted. So I was able to choose five cards that gave a good sense of what kind of photo work I can do and want to do.

I am happy that we survived our part of the party season with two birthday parties for the boys. Lots of fun but I'm glad they're in our rearview mirror now. There's a ton of good stuff on the horizon.