Time for the Semi-Annnual "I Hate Blogger" Rant

Blogger used to be the top of the blogging heap and they have maintained an extraordinarily low barrier for new bloggers to get started with pouring their thoughts and wishes and rants out into the blogosphere.

But they have not improved with the times, they have not made the software easier, more accesible and simple. They've made it more of a pain in the ass to use, less accessible and annoying. The addition of eastern font symbols is nice, for people that need or want to use them. I do not, will not and would just as soon be able to turn them off entirely.

Why? Because the stupid setting auto-resets itself to on no matter what I do. And adding several extra steps just so I can write a blog post that will still sometimes render poorly is just a freaking unnecessary pain in the butt.

Whether it will actually drive me to migrate to something different is another question. We'll have to see.