Site Update and Spit Shine

I added some code from Flooble.com to the site last night to make the side menus collapsible and hidable. I like the idea of a cleaner interface and that's what I'm going for. If any of y'all run into problems with them menus, let me know, 'kay? The plus sign [+] means the menu can be opened, the minus sign [-] means it can be closed, pretty straightforward although I should note that I wanted little rotating triangles but I couldn't find them so we got math signs instead.

I'm not done with the minor redesign yet but my eyes had gone crossed and I had to go sleep.

And the boys were up at 6, again.

In other news, my powerbook is off for repairs. It is almost as economical to just get another powerbook but I want my laptop back. We'll re-evaluate the situation in a few months and see if I really do need to downsize my portable power.