Rough Fifteen Minutes

In one short fifteen minute span last night, I split my eyebrow and stabbed my hand to the bone. Both sound much worse than they really are but both hurt like fargin' hell. The eyebrow came from the sliding glass door bouncing back to smack me in the face and, though the actual cut is quite small, the swelling is still pretty noticable.

That should teach me to not remove the lock from the track before trying to open it. Yes, my fault but that doesn't make the pain any less, if anything, it makes it worse because there's nobody to blame but oneself. And that does no good.

The hand was a stupid slip and is also both better and worse than it sounds. The tip of the box cutter blade jabbed into my knuckle (like an eighth of an inch) and stopped on/in the bone. And then it oozed for a long time. And now it is quite sore.

Oh yeah, on top of that, Grady decided to take the container of Touch-A-Bubbles and pour it out all over the floor. Unlike regular soap bubbles, these things have a persistent chemical in them that made cleanup not much fun at all. And the sore face did not help one tiny bit.

I put the accidents down to a chronic lack of decent sleep. Being unable to get to sleep and then being woken up butt-ass early is a rough combination. Do that for a few months and you can become like the walking dead.

So I went to bed a little early last night only to be awoken this morning by a screaming 3 year old who stopped screaming instantly when I picked him up and was back asleep a breath later. Only I wasn't and now I'm fully up and awake.

At least I took the opportunity to give my mom a call and wish her a Happy Birthday!