Rabid Shareware Registration Reminders

So I wanted to try out a cool screensaver I'd seen a few weeks, a 3D Aquarium one that looks gorgeous and has quite realistic fish movement.

And it is gorgeous and nice. It is also shareware, which is totally fine. However, the registration requests start up very quickly and got so damned annoying, I just deleted the stupid ass program.

Shareware makers, I understand your pain and desire to get paid for your creations. But being so in-your-face is annoying and short sighted. Ease up a bit, limit the fish or the tank or whatever but put the registration attack on the back burner. Or just make the program time out in three days or whatever.

You're shooting yourselves in the foot by being so abrasively aggressive in demanding registration. And the 3D Aquarium people have lost any chance of a sale with me because they made themselves to over the top aggravating.