The Pain in the Ass of Domain Registration

The thing about trying to create a new website is that, no matter how clever your domain name, someone has already freakin' registered it. Absolutely no matter what.

And, if you happen to have initials like mine (ECO) then forget about it. Pretty much any combination of my initials and anything resembling photography has already been snapped up by environmentalists or domain-wranglers.

So, once your first tier of ideas has been rapidly exhausted (and let me tell you, I LOVE going to a domain that I've thought of and finding nothing but ads and links, no website whatsoever) then you start making compromises to see if you can retain a mote of the original idea and wit.

And then you end up with a gobbledegook mash of letters that means nothing to anyone but you.

Which means I'm back to the drawing board, AGAIN. I had a great name this afternoon but, to come close to it, I risk completely losing the concept behind it. Maybe not but I think I'll approach it with a fresh(er) mind in the morning.

Stupid domain-name-wranglers and their stupid computer generated domain registrations.